We assist you in realising your dream project by following these simple steps.
Floor plan layout
Following a preliminary metric and photographic survey, we develop innovative planimetric solutions to analyze every square meter of the space. Numerous factors including orientation, customer needs and space dimensioning will be examined during this phase.
Interior Design
Interior Design is the process of creating the spirit of a project using materials, furnishings and lighting. At this step, we provide the best aesthetic solution for our clients using moodboards, images and project rendering.
Custom Design
We frequently make custom-made furniture for our clients as a part of an interior design project. This entails the creation of technical drawings and specifications in order to supply the artisans with whom we have a tight working connection. We collaborate to find the finest compositional and material solution for our projects' furnishings.
Outdoor Design
We design the outdoor spaces of our projects, whether it is a facade modification or a little or large private garden, in both large-scale and small-scale renovations.
Municipality Authorizations
There is no such thing as a project without building records. This is why, through the presentation of building practices, we take care of obtaining permits in order to actualize our customers' projects, which we also supervise through project management.
When do you need the building permits? Every time you wish to make adjustments to the apartment's exterior or interior (walls, doors, etc.). They are not required when modifying the house's interior materials (coatings, paints, etc.).
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